At the family program today we had already gone in to bow to guruji and given seva, the kids were running around outside in the back garden and it was time to do Seva again but trying to get P and E to go was not happening, they were so busy playing however the minute they sepearated in to different directions I managed to grab E and go for it.

Threw my shoes off and went in, around the corner and past the ladies sitting on the floor. The keertan was in full mode and the sangat were really enjoying the vibe. 

I went to go bow and couldn’t go any further, E was stuck. I couldn’t move her forwards, come on! 

I tugged and tugged again but each time she went back again, what is going on, I just want to muttha tehk. Why can’t I muttha tehk?

Suddenly the keertan on my left gets louder, the sound of the vaaja and tabla surrounds us and I feel my face go red. 

Why am I going red? Whilst unsuccessfully tugging E forwards.

Why was she not going down forwards, as I turned to my right and looked down, an auntie was holding her foot and then I realised, omg, she’s still wearing her shoes, shit ( I might have said that out loud, infact I definitely did). I laughed but no-one else did,(hucc humm. Cue the cheesy grin)

She whipped her shoes off and I carried on to bow to guru ji. E gave the Seva and just looked ahead. Muttha tehk E, mutha thehk.

So she starts to take all the coins out of the tray.

No E muttha tehk! As I put the coins back in, but she then starts faffing around.

The keertan, just like a movie dramatic moment. No sorry Star Plus moment. Yup, I could see the back and forth camera effect on us right now. (Is this how seeta felt? Or was it Geeta? Maybe it was preeto? Ill ask my mum later, ha)

Oh ffs, she knows what to do, I mean she really knows what to do.

E! Muttha tehk sweety.. .

So she stands up and slams down on her bum stretching her legs out. Her right foot hits the seva tray and the seva flies out, followed by her left foot, which comes in knocks it the other way and now the seva is all over the place. 

Wtf! Is going on. Nooooo E do muttha tehk now! I quickly put it all in the tray, we finally bow down and go to leave the room. 

E wants to stay with her Nannie and sits in her lap, so off i went to reduce my unusually red face (…).

10 minutes later i went to check on her and saw her knocked out sleeping in her nan’s arms. 

Nooooooo! She’s not going to sleep at bedtime now! 



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