The time we got run over!

Watch out! I turn around and there’s a car reversing right towards us. 
I moved forwards covering P in a spider man pose as she ran backwards tripped and crawled back on all fours, this car was still coming in to us.

Wow! STOP! All 3 of us adults shouted and the car stopped up against the right side of me. I quickly moved towards P picked her up and moved out of the way to safety. 

As I looked and realised it was that same mum. The same woman that drives in and zooms out like it’s a Fast & Furious get-away act (yeah, movie fan here).

In a small car park limited to 5mph with kids around anything more IS Fast and Furious. It was only a matter of time something happened and it did. She endangered my daughter’s life! 

I remained in anger for about 2 days, because of how lucky we were that P had a quick reaction and I got in between her and the car. Believe you me though, it took great effort for me to walk away and not come at her in super hulk mode. 

Research shows every year that the most common accidents on The school run are caused by:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Speeding
  • Parked vehicles
  • Cyclists

I do understand that school run is always a busy time. Everyone’s tired from their daily activities and just want to get home. Let’s face it many parents look foreward to the time between putting the kids to bed and going to bed themselves but is speeding really gunna help? 

NO! Nothing is worth endangering the life of a child. If you are desperate though, to put your foot down, do it on your own and at your own expense! Do be warned though and speaking from experience, smashing into trees and getting thrown around whilst your car rolls over is very painful and not recommended and I’m sure your kids want you around for as long as possible so, 

Slow the fudge berries down! 


It was my Birthday 

It was my Birthday 

It went like this…

I woke up to my babies and hubby ( arguably the biggest baby) singing “Happy Birthday” with chocolate and flowers. Wasnt expecting much but, Awww such a sweet start to a Saturday morning. 

Daddysingh went off to work telling the girls to be extra good for mummy so you know what that means, right? Yes the complete opposite will be done.

Brushing teeth was a fight for survival with toothpaste and water everywhere… you never know who will come out first, the toothbrush or the child. 

At breakfast the nightmare continued as they didn’t want anything but the chocolates they gave me, haha. ( although I laugh now I was seriously pissed at the time).

By 10 am the lounge was destroyed with toys, ALL the toys they have and the conservatory had paint every where. That’s when they decided to go upstairs and play in mummy and daddy room. 

Oh hell No! To my many flaws I now completely lost it and threatened to throw Minnie mouse in the bin unless they were back down in 10 seconds. It did work, but only just with P but E has no fear or actually doesn’t give a shit (lol) and came down giggling. 

After lunch we went to Nannies house as me and my mum share the same Birthday. Once back though there was a flood of water in the kitchen commenced by begging for food even though they had had lunch, lunch 2 at Nannies and snacks!! Growing kids the say! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden and whilst they screamed, yelled and quarrelled I went round salvaging the house and picked up some paint whilst sorting out their fights. They do usually help clean up but sometimes I just need to do it myself and this was one of those days. It restores my peace and calm, ha! 

So finally as they settle down from fighting and actually playing I sat down on the garden furniture with my iced green tea and music.

Hmmm I thought the girls are playing really well and as I looked up there was the scene… a shit load of flour on the grass wtf and then I followed the trail I saw the trampoline was now a layer of white with 2 ghost girls bouncing up and down creating flour dust oh for fuck sake… actually who cares let them have fun for now. 

Just then I see a figure, I turn and see there was DaddySingh. Frowning because no one saw him or heard him at the door so he had to come through the side and then see a disaster. 

He just looks at me, says nothing and marches in to the house as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

So me and the girls jumped into the trampoline cleaned off the flour and had a bounce, well actually I got jumped on and lost the battle of ‘get up if you can’ 

Oh I did blow a candle though on my favourite protein cookie and yes I did sort that out by myself too, meh. 

So just a normal Saturday with extra wind ups and even moodier DaddySingh, the mood swings went on through the evening to night, so it definitely didnt finish off with a bang, if you get my drift…

Next year I might just jet off by myself, on a self care adventure, actually that sounds like a very good idea.