Signs of insanity or a mummy moment? 

After dinner the other day, it was almost bedtime for the girls so me and hubby were in the kitchen doing our meal preps. I was warming up the milk for the girls and hubby was around the corner doing his stuff.

I turn around and hubby is peeking around the corner looking at me like I’m a weirdo. What?! What’s wrong? 

Who you talking to? 

No one. Why, What happened?

I heard you talking…

I didn’t say anything! 

Err yeah you did! 

I think your hearing things.

Trust me, you were talking to yourself!

I was NOT talking to myself. What did I say? 

Doesn’t matter. whilst laughing to himself.

no go on, tell me. Let’s see what it is you think you heard. Although I think your hearing things.

You said……!

…Oh. Shit! 

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Selfless Service and Meditation

Selfless Service and Meditation

“Transform our world into a peaceful heaven of selfless love, serving all people equally without discrimination and helping all mankind to live in harmony with each other, our environment and our creator”

Gurdwara Nanaksar, my sanctuary.