Signs of insanity or a mummy moment? 

After dinner the other day, it was almost bedtime for the girls so me and hubby were in the kitchen doing our meal preps. I was warming up the milk for the girls and hubby was around the corner doing his stuff.

I turn around and hubby is peeking around the corner looking at me like I’m a weirdo. What?! What’s wrong? 

Who you talking to? 

No one. Why, What happened?

I heard you talking…

I didn’t say anything! 

Err yeah you did! 

I think your hearing things.

Trust me, you were talking to yourself!

I was NOT talking to myself. What did I say? 

Doesn’t matter. whilst laughing to himself.

no go on, tell me. Let’s see what it is you think you heard. Although I think your hearing things.

You said……!

…Oh. Shit! 

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