Types of people at your childs birthday

Types of people at your childs birthday

I nearly missed E’s Birthday paath haha. If you don’t know what I’m on about, catch up here, but as I went through doing the thank you messages it got me thinking about the different types of people that came to the birthday and it’s usually the same for any event really. You know who they are, it can be predictable and sometimes completely surprising.

The early bird helpers these peeps always turn up before you. Always over enthusiastic and they make you question your enthusiasm (or lack of it…and your whole life?)

Random lovely Maaji that knows and seems to love you and wishes you all the blessings in the world. Possibly force a £5 gift in your hand. You look around for someone to give you a hint to who she is but no one’s around but this maaji is always on her way out of the gurdwara so now you’ll never know, damn.

Just in time and make an entrance. These guys just cut it super fine either they get up late, are unorganised or just know by some divine intervention exactly what time to arrive. Cue the hallo!

The late ones sometimes they have kids in tow that made them late and sometimes it because a shit load of shit happened that morning and on the way to the birthday but oh my god was it Omg, like Omg this and that happened! well better late than never eh.

The quick head butters they only stay 1 hr max. These peeps are always busy, so much to do and always multi booked with events. How popular!

Present themselves and disapear with out a trace these guys have it mastered, they position themselves so you see and greet them and make sure you know they’ve attended the ceremony but then puff! they disapear with out saying goodbye or letting you see them go. Wizard style! 

The super helpful they get stuck in the minute they arrive just like it’s their own event and their life depends on it but you don’t mind because you like them and well you could do with the help. Work monkeys work!

Babysitters and child minders they end up with the kids by choice or accident and in the end the best types because you know your kids are entertained whilst you get on with the tasks. You guys deserve a sticker AND a stamp!

The know it all you hear this person the minute they arrive because they always have an opinion and no problems expressing them. They pop out of nowhere whenever there is a situation or decision to be made and when ever you hear them in conversation they always seem to have an experience or strategy for everything. Problem solved!..maybe not.

Random staring Maaji they eye you up from across the room, analysing your every move and judging you on every action. Watch out she’ll eventually say something awkward and put you on the spot. She watches Star Plus!

The watcher they find the best spot in the place and watch everything and everyone. They won’t do anything or necessarily talk much but they definitely have observational skills. Hawk style!

The listener these people think they are natural spies acting all cool and distracted but hear everything even if they are a mile off and you were definitely whispering. MI5 don’t know what they’re missing!

The gossiper they just want the latest in everybodies business and spend the whole time getting the lowdown and spreading it around to new listeners. Blah blah blah!

The doesnt want to be there at all but is these guys HAD to come either by force or sense of duty. They don’t really interact and have no problem showing you they don’t want to be there.

The avoiders they wont speak to you until you talk to them. They act like they didn’t notice or blatantly stand in your way so you make the first move.

Random nosey Maaji comes to ask you loads of questions and randomly walks off when she loses interest but you know she’ll come back again. Aajo Aajo.

The no reason no shows THEY DIDNT RSVP, show up or courtesy let you know why. You then consider taking them off the invite list…still thinking? No your off, your OFF!

Random activist maaji that knows everything and anything political she’s on it, tells you you’re doing it all wrong and maybe even tries to take over. Cue protest “Maaji rules maaji rules”.

The stay backers they don’t get stuck in but definitely stick around to interact but just not get too involved. Tip toe tip toe!

Can you relate to my experience? Have you had different ones, share them with me I’d love to know! 


Indian breakfast and emotional farewells 

Indian breakfast and emotional farewells 

My parents went off on holiday recently to India. My mum spent 2 weeks buying and organising gifts for the whole family. They even had people trying to give them things to take for them. Even I added a little bit, haha. The night before their departure though, mum was adamant on seeing the girls, so I took them to say happy holidays that next morning. 

Mum made parathas for breakfast and gave the girls a gift of money. Something we Indians do for pretty much any reason, haha.

Going to India still seems a big deal to the elder generation. There’s a huge sense of nostalgia and belief that this is a huge and far out journey. I mean the luggage contents was like a house move and we still get phone calls from cheeky relatives requesting expensive gifts like we live in the land of riches and have gold running through our water taps. Not all of them but there are a few that really do think this.

When they questioned the hubby’s where abouts (he was at work) and why he hadn’t come I had to question the big deal and why such an expectation of grand farewells after all other holidays aren’t treated as a big deal. The general response was but we are going to India, so far away! Challo you kids don’t think like us, you don’t feel it. I mean in a sense India is far away buy then at the same time it isn’t really, especially if you have travelled further east like Japan and Australia. 

Personally I love india, I have family there and it’s great fun enjoying the cultural differences. Hubby on the other hand didn’t enjoy the one trip he made there but I’m working on turning him around for another trip with me. For our parents though there is a deeper connection, most likely born and part brought up there and then they immigrated to the ‘west’ and that was in those days a huge journey so going ‘home’ I guess will always be emotional and packed with memories from all those years ago.

Does it really have to be such a star plus/bollywood style departure? Yes! Yes this will continue… atleast thankfully, in my opinion, we’ve deviated from the huge dramatic airport scenes where the whole family would turn up Just to see them off and there would be tears and all sorts going on. 

On our way out though there was still a huge farewell with hugs and kisses to the girls and a wave of emotions from my mum like she was going away for years and years.

We went home though and enjoyed the yummy parathas mum made with chaa ofcourse.

Do you like parathas too? 

The time I watched the last episode

The time I watched the last episode

Omg I’ve literally just finished watching the last episode of the Vampire Diaries amd now it’s finished, noooo!. 

I look forward to TVD every week and was looking forward to Bonnie being saved and then there was a cliffhanger, of course there was just to keep us hanging for the next series. Love it, but still why, why so long!
More than ever there is a amazing choice of series available to us to watch and enjoy. So many people are addicted to many of these programmes that take us away from our own reality and allow us to build our imagination and conversations with like minded people.

I’m one of those and absolutely love watching quit a few of them too particularly the Vampire Diaries because it has fantasy, drama, action and bit of everything really but I’ve been following since the beginning and I admittedly love the whole Vampire-Ness. Ok ok, it’s Damon, Damon is just yummy! Omg Damon you will be ok, we will save you don’t worry Stephans working on it! 

The next series though which is mostly likely the last, I don’t know when it will be aired but seriously hurry up I just can’t wait to find out what was in that vault.  You CREEPY HANDS!

For now, what do I do with my life? 


“No Gifts Please”

“No Gifts Please”

Gift giving is huge in indian tradition and there are so many reasons and amounts people follow that it can get seriously confusing but generaly consists of items of clothing and or money. The clothing can vary but most likely be indian like a salwar kameez but this can be either already made to a standard size or be loose material which can be tailored to suit.

The quality and quantity varies too, which depends on who the giver is in terms of relation, how close you are to each other and even whether you like each other in general. Actions really do speak louder than words especially when it comes to big functions like weddings. My own mother in law though spends ages in time and effort to try and match the gift to the person. Sometimes it take days of shopping around and hours of decision making and there is no exaggeration here. Not sure how she had the determination for it every single time but it’s definitely mentally exhausting.

One thing though that entertains me everytime is the age old act of recycling these gifts. You see when you host an event and receive gifts of clothing, the fact is some people will just not like what you give and its not necessarily your fault its just that some people are very particular in their taste or they asked for no gifts and sometimes they won’t like it just because YOU gave it, even though it is actually something they would wear. Just saying how it is. 

Also the giver sometimes tends to select the gift according to who the receiver is; how much to spend or in case of recycling, shall we give the one from the ‘expensive pile’ or the ‘we need to get rid of somehow pile’. I’m sure these piles vary from household to household but gift giving is so common you end up with a pile no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

On the girls Birthday cards, I had original written a very specific message for deterring gifts to which I was then told to change to “no gifts please” which is a standard message and some people just ignore. It actually also implies no physical gifts but money is fine, haha. You may deny this but let’s face it most people expect some sort of gift be it money or otherwise, because people love presents! I am yet to attend a prayer where literally people attend with out the exchange of gifts and just to be in blessing of waheguru and the sangat.

I mean on one hand I can understand people want to shift things out but on the other hand why do it especially if the receiver does not appreciate it and actually asked for no gifts. Sometimes it comes down to a status thing, where people feel obliged to do it because of their position of relation to the receiver. 

Either way it really amuses me and did so almost annoy me when I came home with a load of suits that I honestly did not need. The actual thing that I got annoy about was that some of the recycled gifts were from a previous function, which I was also attending and received the same gift. So now I had double the same gifts but the cheek of passing me a suit from the recent function and that too the same outfit I had and actually worn already, really pissed me off. Usually though people avoid giving recycled gifts when the same people will be at the next function; that is also a possible recycled gift pile, haha. 

Also how would the mutual relative feel about it as they clearly went to a lot of effort on their function and gave a lot of people a lot of gifts. Bad move peeps, bad move!

My humble advice is that if you don’t want something then donate it to those who will really appreciate it. Some people sell them but personally im not comfortable with selling something gifted to me for my own gain when i know i can actually give it to somebody who needs it, each to their own though. If you decide to sell you can do it on places like eBay, fb etc 

How about though doing a good deed amd making someone happy this weekend? You could do a clear out and give to charities like asha and sewa uk. Also check out your local gurdwara as they are likely to do various collections.

If you know any other charities or organisations that take indian clothes to give to those who need help please feel free to list them below. 

Happy gifting peeps!

P.s. I prefer healthy snacks like chocolate, Wink Wink. 

The time we lost Minnie 

Minnie is an important part of the family. She goes everywhere with P but there are times when Minnie gets left to one side and forgotten about either through play or distraction. Yesterday P had her one minute, I know she did, I saw the Minnie and the next thing I know she was asking me where’s Minnie. 

So the search began, well actually me instructing P to look began. I sent her back upstairs to go find her, I figured she would remember where she left her and be back down in no time, but she got to the top of the stairs and said mummy I can’t find Minnie. Oh man I thought and guided her to look in all the rooms to which she did by pointing to each door and saying not in bathroom, not in mummy room, not in other mummy rooms and not in my room. So I came to the bottom of the stairs as she continued to explain she looked everywhere and didnt know where she has gone. I explained and got her to go in each room, she followed but literally ran in to the room and ran back out and told me she’s not there mummy I looked everywhere, Mummy I looked everywhere. This continued for about 3 rounds whilst E desperately tried to get the stair gate open and get up the stairs but then I felt stressed, annoyed and baffled all at the same time and decided to go have a look myself.

P joined me in the hunt while E screamed her disapproval of being left downstairs at the gate. No reason having them both raiding upstairs when this is only gunna take a few seconds…but where was Minnie. I looked in every room and every cupboard, under the beds and even the bathroom toilet  (you just never know with toddlers). Minnie was truly missing, I couldn’t find her. 

I turned to prabjot, I investigated and prompted but it was all futile, this is a toddler if she says I don’t know mummy she really doesn’t know. Ha. 

The Where’s Minnie mummy cry went on for an hour by which time I was really annoyed and fed up with missing Minnie. Go on judge me, it’s annoying! I told her she needs to be more responsible and then remembered shes 3yrs old, haha. So we went for another search by which time I felt like crying myself. Where the hell is Minnie, come back Minnie. I can’t do this anymore, I’m loosing my mind. I need a cup of tea, Hot! Hot cup of tea. Oh my God, why had this happened to us, life is just not the same with out you Minnie, come back. Mummy where my Minnie gone. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy.  

Oh I don’t fuckin’ know!! Oops. 

And then P laughs. Apparently me losing it is funny..? 

Nope couldn’t find Minnie though and realised it just had to be done, so I turned to P and gave her the bad news I’m sorry we can’t find Minnie, we did everything we could. I’m really sorry, you’ll have to go nursery with out her. 

Woaaaahhhhhh I want Minnie.

I know I know. Distraction techniques began and we got to nursery and I left pretty quickly before she could ask for Minnie again and quietly warned the carers, haha.

As the girls were at nursery I did another search for my own sanity and really couldn’t find her, have I lost my mummy finding skills? Am I loosing the plot? Or have I gone man-blind  (the can’t see it even if it’s infront of them kind of thing. Yeah I like making words up, but it’s so so true. Hehe). I didn’t know but abandoned the search for the rest of the day, like I stopped caring, I really did. It’s just a stuffed toy I thought, P is not here and I’m hungry so food is more important, right? 

That evening, everyone had forgotten about Minnie but during bedtime routine as I was tending to E, Mummy I found minnie, yay look. I found Minnie and there she was in the cupboard right before our eyes.

Didn’t we look into that cupboard like a million times? Yes, I looked in the f**king cupboard, and it wasnt there. Wtf, It was NOT there.