This year the girls nursery had a pumpkin party for the kids. P asked to be a witch for Halloween so I decided to get E a little cat outfit just because I thought she would get frustrated with all that material. 

This morning P mentioned a wander so I had to quickly think up and create a wander for her because like an idiot I didn’t get one.

So looking around the house with 10 minutes before we have to leave for nursery, I came up with the black wand (in featured image) made with of rolled up paper and then wrapped around it with duck tape, haha. I thought it was pretty cool and the nursery thought it was really creative. Most importantly P loved it and insisted on hiding it away for bed time so that no one can find it and do naughty tricks in the night.

On the downside I forgot the stuff for the trick or treat and the pumpkin for the window, so we had no knocks on the door. I felt bad because there were so many kids this year out and about, sorry I’ll do better year.

Ooops! I think I just got about away with it though, shhhhhh. 

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Monday Memoirs 

Monday Memoirs 

A quick update whilst I enjoy some quiet time with a bowl of icream.
I have been working on quite a few blogs in the past few weeks. They focus on bringing you guys all up to date with how things began on the children and pregnancy front as well as little snippets of my life before that and what I’m going through right now.

I’ll be sharing my memories on a Monday and as you’ve guessed it will be calling this series Monday Memoirs.

As I’m sure you can tell there is a lot to get blogged there and thank goodness for my pregnancy diaries that I have referred to a lot, which has actually been quite interesting to read back on. 

I have had to dig deep in sharing some of the topics and others, which I’m still thinking whether I should share. Ofcourse it will make great reading and is maybe controversial, I like to keep things in good hunour but some things will be a little serious because many British Indian ladies don’t talk about topics so openly but I remind myself that that was part of the reason why I began to blog so I’m working on getting it all down and out there for you guys. 

So if there is anything you guys want me to talk about and share drop me a message or an email. Maybe there’s something you have always wanted to know or wondered how I dealt with a certain situation. It could be a 1 word topic or a whole story. It may surprise you that I have no reservations and will actually talk about anything. 

After all it is only by talking and sharing that we can begin to work together for an even better future.

Look forward to hearing from you all. Now back to my ice cream nom nom..

The Sunshine Blogger Award 

The Sunshine Blogger Award 

To my delightful surprise, at the weekend TheMarriageMaze nominated me for the sunshine blogger award. It was a complete surprise and I felt happy and humbled that my blog puts a smile in someone’s life.

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who inspire and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.”

TheMarriageMaze is certainly a joy to read and I love following her adventures in finding the right one. She also came up with a few questions for her nominees to answer, here are my answers. I really enjoy answering questions like this because people get to know a bit more about me and sometimes you learn something about yourself that you may not have thought about before, so this was fun.

  1. When was the last time you cried, and why? About 2 weeks ago, it was a stress relief kinda thing. Sometimes you just have to let it go with a bit of music.
  2. Who was your last WhatsApp or text message from? It was the one and only DaddySingh, whilst I was sitting in the hospital Peadiatric Asessment Unit with E waiting to be discharged. 
  3. What did you last eat? Hummus Crisps i had in my bag with a sandwich from hospital canteen. We all know what hospital food is like, so this wasn’t too bad considering and I Kept away from the vending machine. Wooo!
  4. Do you believe in soul-mates? Yes. There is definitely someone out there that is a perfect fit with your soul.
  5. If you won the lottery, what would you do first? Select a few charities to donate to like unique home for girls. Countless blessing for this lady for doing amazing sewa and then send a bunch of children that are in care and/or have special needs on an experience of a life time.
  6. If you had to eat one piece of fruit or veg, every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be?Well you know as they say, chocolate comes from a plant, cue huge grin!
  7. What’s your favourite song, (or if that’s too hard to pick) what song have you had on repeat recently?This actually changes quite frequently, ive always been a fan on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and love going to Rahat concerts, although I missed the last 2 because no one wants to go with me, boo! Danze kuduro, Don Omar and Tokyo Drift, Teriyaki boys is on repeat these days, hehe.
  8. What’s your favourite season and why? My favourite season has to be summer when everyone is happier! All the clothes come off and the fruit is great! Just kidding about the clothes , hehe.
  9. Why did you start blogging? To share my thoughts, adventures and experiences in being a British Indian mummy and challenges with in my diverse family, even those things that people don’t talk about. 

I hope you enjoyed my answers above and learning more about me. Thank you so much to TheMarriageMaze again for the nomination.