I’m decorating our bedroom 

​Hubby and I decorated our home before the kids came along and let’s just say the kids have put their own mark on it over the years and not just our kids the niece and nephews have all taken part.

We decided to go for 3 wall paint and 1 wall with featured wall paper and though it was a great idea as paint is easy to cover over and easy to do in reality it’s been a pain in the ass. The paint was a random variation of cream but looked really good in the room, clean and fresh. 

As P discovered crayons and pens when she was a toddler, everything changed and colouring books and paper was just not enough for her. There would be felt all over the fireplace and kitchen cabinets. We now have random ‘works of art’ on the walls around the house and not forgetting the calpol with syringe, a true master piece!! 

The time when P got hold of the de-Icer and really thought she was helping mummy clean the walls and the floor. In the end i was left with a wet wall and soaked floor, noooo! Was my inital reaction. What a dilemma she actually thought she did a super job and said I’ll help you mummy with an innocent face, so I couldn’t tell her off. After explaining the purpose of a de-icer I got her to help me clean the floor and with the wall, well, I got a cloth and rubed all the stains together hoping it would magically disappear but was left with this huge circle of a stain, bollocks I thought. Luckily though it all dried off and now you can’t tell, phew! 

Lots of people have said to me you shouldn’t let them do these things and you need to be more strict on them. Well, firstly we don’t LET them do it. Kids have a way about them, they will do it when you least expect it or it’ll be so quick the damage will be done before you even lift your foot to go into that dive to save the wall. Shit happens, it’s all about how we deal with it rather than dwell on it. 

I mean i know parents who dont even let thier child feed themselves because the child might dirty the wall and floor. I mean really? but thats because im an easy going mum and love sensory play! It is hard though there are times we just want a clean house and orderly children but then that’s when I know that some thing is wrong with mine, haha. Each to their own, do what is best for you as all family dynamics are different.

I have found though understanding child development stages can really help shape how I deal with situations. Self control is a learnt behaviour and children learn it over time. Child development expert Nina Lief, author of The First THREE Years of Life, says children this young are torn between wanting to do as their parents tell them to (in this case “Don’t write on the wall”) and giving in to their impulses. They then are overcome by frustration and respond with writing on the wall anyway followed by kicks and tantrums. 

If you want to know more read this for a boost of information on child development and self control.
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Signs of insanity or a mummy moment? 

After dinner the other day, it was almost bedtime for the girls so me and hubby were in the kitchen doing our meal preps. I was warming up the milk for the girls and hubby was around the corner doing his stuff.

I turn around and hubby is peeking around the corner looking at me like I’m a weirdo. What?! What’s wrong? 

Who you talking to? 

No one. Why, What happened?

I heard you talking…

I didn’t say anything! 

Err yeah you did! 

I think your hearing things.

Trust me, you were talking to yourself!

I was NOT talking to myself. What did I say? 

Doesn’t matter. whilst laughing to himself.

no go on, tell me. Let’s see what it is you think you heard. Although I think your hearing things.

You said……!

…Oh. Shit! 

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Madness in May

I have to apologise for disappearing after anouncing my challenge. A man who had been drinking (asshole) drove into the back of me, so I took sometime to recover from wiplash, back ache and concusion; gosh things were a bit fuzzy for a few days!

As I was recovering, guess what? Yep, I smashed my brand new phone and was uncontactable for 2 weeks, in which time the girls and I got really sick.

Me and hubby were exhausted and functioning on virtually no sleep as both of them would wake up 1 after the other at night time.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s so hard to look after poorly children when your sick yourself.

Parents have super powers!!


Oops, we forgot again! 

The kids woke up a little earlier than usual and hubby was just leaving for work. As he left the house I decided to change the girls nappies again before having breakfast when I see hubby returning to the house rather hurriedly. Oh he’s probably forgotten something i thought and continued to dress E as P tried to help by running around and jumping on me, testing my balance in squatting position of course. 

Hubby comes straight over to us and then randomly gives me a kiss and says happy anniversary!!

Oh, oh yeah happy anniversary. Oops haha!

I know, you can’t say I didn’t remember now! 

Hmm yeah right, I thought. I saw you looking at your phone.

Obviously read my mind, hubby laughs, check your phone later to see who remembered

Erm, oh was it sister in law again.

No. Well actually yeah but not the one your thinking of. See ya later.

See you later!


Later, (probably about 20 minutes later)

Checking phone, and it was a sister in law but the younger one.

You see for a few years now we have forgotten our wedding anniversary on the day. That is until we see a message from our sister in law who usually messages early in the morning. So we jokingly make it out like we never forgot, always saved by the message. This year we also got a message but it was a different sister in law.

Will we remember next year? Let see but for now a big up to the sister inlaws!! 


Its time for a challenge me thinks!

Ive been using the elvie and really enjoy it. However its been inconsistent and although I sense a different im not seeing the real benefits of it so I have set myself a 2 week challenge. The goal is to use elvie everyday for 2 weeks and notice a real difference, but the difference here is that everyday ill post my feedback to you guys and let you know how im getting on.

Why am I doing this? Well I spent most of the afternoon in pain yesterday, took pain killers but the pain was so exhausting I was ready to collapse, especially having to push through to get things done and get theblids to bed so i can give myself some attention. Health is important and as a mum I think its important to set the right example to my girls. If I set a challenge and tell you all about it that means I will have to do it and thats a motivator. I also want to help other women, maybe to find courage to get help or even start thinking about their vaginal/gynaecological health too.

Ive already done a review so why another one? Im not just doing a review for a few clicks and shares, I want to improve my health and send out a positive and encouraging message to women and everybody actually that womens health does matter and we should talk about it. I could just do the 2 weeks and tell you at the end it was all great or not and what I thought of it but i want to do more than that, I want to share my journey and take you through the whole experience.

Why though? your probably thinking…as a society, gynaecological problems seem to be embarassing and women hesitate to talk about it for many reasons and I want to hopefully help a tiny bit to change that, because it shouldn’t be embarassing, we should be proud of what we can do with our bodies and be respected for, frankly speaking, the shit we go through/put up with, haha.

Hopefully if we can help and better ourselves we can then pave the way for future women to be confident and healthy but importantly more knowedgable about their southern areas, like pelvic floor exercises, no one told me to do them in my teens I could have done them, haha. We do have a long way to go, but every little helps.

I do find it hard though, to fit it in. Its just so easy to forget or not do it because something needs your attention or to be honest i just want to be lazy hehe and so by telling you lovely people how im getting on will make sure I do it and in turn hopefully showing me your love and support so that I know that at least its helping someone out there…

Ill post my start date and all the details in my next blog!

Walking and climbing…

A chilled out Sunday, the girls were playing around and me and hubby were sitting and talking about an upcoming wedding and playing with the girls.

This doesn’t happen often as we are always doing something, so was a nice afternoon.
As me and hubby were in a conversation pause his attention went towards P and as I was looking on suddenly see something rising at the right of my peripheral vision. I immediately looked towards E who was already in the middle of her first step and then goes straight in to her second step…
Omg, omg yay! DaddySingh. Daddysingh, look. Omg DaddySingh LOOK! 
DaddySingh casually looks around and his expression joins mine as I continue to express my excitement.
Aaja E, aaja aaja. Yaaay! 
E now grinning like a Cheshire Cat goes in for her 4th step and dives onto me for hug and goes all shy!

P then joins in with all the excitement too.  Yay, well done E. 

3 days later, I accidentally left the stair gate open and as I turned E was was crawling up the stairs. I watched with caution and followed her in case she decided to go backwards. She got to the top without any difficulty, got up on to her feet and penguin walked in to one of the rooms. P came up immediately called E in to her room, turned to me and said mummy you can’t come in, you stay there. I’m going to close the door now, ok! and slams the door shut…oh ho!

Birthday madness starts with a BANG!

Quite literally. It was still early around
4am. Me and hubby were asleep but in a sort of light sleep, you know when you still seem to know your surroundings but are slowly slipping into to a deeper sleep….it was so nice a peacefully quiet, cosy and relaxed and then,

bang! tushhh! crack!

…it was so loud and sudden that we instantly woke up but both of us remained frozen still (actually we were Like playing dead incase storm troopers had marched into our home…) for a few seconds and then I shoved at hubby to go see what happened what that was, go check although i wanted to go and I mean I could but why would I want to (in tune of Selena Gomez song. Come on, I knownsome of you did it too) I did get a sort of sense of excitment though and the adrenaline rushed through but then I remembered I was too tired and still half a sleep so turned around and got comfy again….whilst hubby checked on the kids and they seemed to have amazingly slept through with out a twitch, yeah! (Now if that noise was a bag of sweets…they would be up faster than a bolt of lightening, vader wouldnt have half a chance) go figure!

I looked around the room to see if I could see anything, still in a sleepy state, as if I was gunna figure it out like that, but I felt like I contributed. Maybe its a wierd sleep type reasoning, haha.

DaddySingh came back in a rather casual way and looked around just like I did but just with my eyes. Mummy skills there! and tell him ive already done that!
He frowns looking confused, I can sense he’s probably cursing me and then gives me a look.

…And then I ask him for the 3rd time, what was it?

Oh the window broke casualy whilst getting back into bed. Obviously decided its not serious enough to deal with….

What? How? Where?

Think a bird hit it, from the… zzzzzzz

A bird, I think to myself. From the what? I didnt hear no bird. But the window, how badly is it broken. Shall i go have a look? Will all the cold come in now? Wait what window did he say? Bird. Omg bird! Is the bird ok?….shall i check on the bird and make sure tha…zzzzzzz!

A few hours later Am wakes me up to get ready for the pogh and still in heavy sleep i drag myself out of bed. Really should have gone to bed earlier and then getting woken up by a bird hitting a window. Oh yeah so i go out tonhave a look and imediately see the hall way wondow smashed from the outside….turns out there was no logical reason other than it cracked under the pressure of the heat. Definitely no bird and my random theory that maybe our neighbour was using bottle smashing as therapy from toddler parenting didnt last long. Anyway smashed window remains a mystery. Any ideas?! Haha.

The following 2 hrs were crazy with breakfast, nappy changes, getting ready, hubby moaning that im taking too long to fet ready, snacks for kids, nappy change again, and jua5 before we leave we find out the roads were closed and town was in grid lock. Panic struck, with the hubby anyway. I for some reason I believed it would all be fine. Positive thinking!

finally we got in the car……

Hubby was annoyed. It was all my fault i took 30 mins as opposed to the usual 20 mins to get ready and that 10 mins messed everything up, apparently. I pointed out a few things back to him but he was prepared he had it all figured out he had thought about it and was ready for anything I would say…it was pointless, so fuck it. let him moan I thought. Its the only way as I calmly look for my hand cream.

Straight away we were in traffic…the diversion was in grid lock too and hubby was stressing as we had 20 mins to the pogh time and we werent even close.  He was spinning the around like a fast and furious scene. The girls in the back were loving the ‘ride’ and thought it was funny, whilst I calmly mositurised my hands. At which DaddySingh suddenly takes a sharp bend and put his foot down giving me a look.

Now really anoyed, swearing and reminding me i took an extra 10 mins I casualy say is there another diversion we could take?

Hubbly replies, This IS the diversion…like im stupid.
I know that, I mean maybe off the beaton track sort of route.

Hubby decided not to say anything….obviously he didnt know the answer but was definitely thinking about what I said and whether there was another route…haha.

We aproach a roundabout and on current route we still had 40 mins to go but the pogh was in 15 mins and suddenly hubby goes
Fuck it and spins to the right down a side road. Weeeeee giggles P in the back and then suddenly the satnav shows we are moving further and further away from our destination and hubby’s frustration increases ever more.

Iritated with his frustration I firmly tell him to calm down and to just just see where it takes us and we aproach the end take a left to another roundabout and decide to go straight ahead. Suddenly we are around the corner to the Gurdwara, the satnav still says 13 mons to go and there was no traffic around but we got there in 6 mins and slammed the car on to the corner of the block that the Gurdwara was on.

Daddysingh took a deep breath but still stressed and I was thrilled so went for a high 5 but didnt get one back so obviously the joy wasn’t shared….takes him a bit longer to calm I guess. We get out and walk into the divaan at 11.05 where the GianiJi looks at us with that aage, time lag gea look! And begins the pogh. Phew!