I’m decorating our bedroom 

​Hubby and I decorated our home before the kids came along and let’s just say the kids have put their own mark on it over the years and not just our kids the niece and nephews have all taken part.

We decided to go for 3 wall paint and 1 wall with featured wall paper and though it was a great idea as paint is easy to cover over and easy to do in reality it’s been a pain in the ass. The paint was a random variation of cream but looked really good in the room, clean and fresh. 

As P discovered crayons and pens when she was a toddler, everything changed and colouring books and paper was just not enough for her. There would be felt all over the fireplace and kitchen cabinets. We now have random ‘works of art’ on the walls around the house and not forgetting the calpol with syringe, a true master piece!! 

The time when P got hold of the de-Icer and really thought she was helping mummy clean the walls and the floor. In the end i was left with a wet wall and soaked floor, noooo! Was my inital reaction. What a dilemma she actually thought she did a super job and said I’ll help you mummy with an innocent face, so I couldn’t tell her off. After explaining the purpose of a de-icer I got her to help me clean the floor and with the wall, well, I got a cloth and rubed all the stains together hoping it would magically disappear but was left with this huge circle of a stain, bollocks I thought. Luckily though it all dried off and now you can’t tell, phew! 

Lots of people have said to me you shouldn’t let them do these things and you need to be more strict on them. Well, firstly we don’t LET them do it. Kids have a way about them, they will do it when you least expect it or it’ll be so quick the damage will be done before you even lift your foot to go into that dive to save the wall. Shit happens, it’s all about how we deal with it rather than dwell on it. 

I mean i know parents who dont even let thier child feed themselves because the child might dirty the wall and floor. I mean really? but thats because im an easy going mum and love sensory play! It is hard though there are times we just want a clean house and orderly children but then that’s when I know that some thing is wrong with mine, haha. Each to their own, do what is best for you as all family dynamics are different.

I have found though understanding child development stages can really help shape how I deal with situations. Self control is a learnt behaviour and children learn it over time. Child development expert Nina Lief, author of The First THREE Years of Life, says children this young are torn between wanting to do as their parents tell them to (in this case “Don’t write on the wall”) and giving in to their impulses. They then are overcome by frustration and respond with writing on the wall anyway followed by kicks and tantrums. 

If you want to know more read this for a boost of information on child development and self control.
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Walking and climbing…

A chilled out Sunday, the girls were playing around and me and hubby were sitting and talking about an upcoming wedding and playing with the girls.

This doesn’t happen often as we are always doing something, so was a nice afternoon.
As me and hubby were in a conversation pause his attention went towards P and as I was looking on suddenly see something rising at the right of my peripheral vision. I immediately looked towards E who was already in the middle of her first step and then goes straight in to her second step…
Omg, omg yay! DaddySingh. Daddysingh, look. Omg DaddySingh LOOK! 
DaddySingh casually looks around and his expression joins mine as I continue to express my excitement.
Aaja E, aaja aaja. Yaaay! 
E now grinning like a Cheshire Cat goes in for her 4th step and dives onto me for hug and goes all shy!

P then joins in with all the excitement too.  Yay, well done E. 

3 days later, I accidentally left the stair gate open and as I turned E was was crawling up the stairs. I watched with caution and followed her in case she decided to go backwards. She got to the top without any difficulty, got up on to her feet and penguin walked in to one of the rooms. P came up immediately called E in to her room, turned to me and said mummy you can’t come in, you stay there. I’m going to close the door now, ok! and slams the door shut…oh ho!

Last week I became a Mombie

I was looking forward to some time to myself with both girls at nursery, I had so much planned and organised. I thought it was all going to plan with shopping, birthday organising and some me time with a bit of working out at the gym but then… the girls came home with temperatures on the Friday just before the weekend!

DaddySingh brought them in, E soundly sleeping in her car seat and P all cranky and crying, one look at her and I knew it. Tired eyes, red swollen cheeks, hot and in ‘thug’ mode. Yup Threenagers are good at this.

That evening was then filled with many tantrums, dinner refusals, throwing things and crying, crying and lots of crying plus the completely chaotic bed time.

I have to admit the silence after they finally got to sleep was golden, I quickly, well more like a tiptoe jogingly leaped into the kitchen and put the kettle on but the oh joy was short lived as E kept waking up with difficulty breathing and soring temperatures. On top of that she insisted breastfeeding through the night.

That was difficult as we were weaning out and reached 1 breastfeed at night and then suddenly she was feeding constantly, yeah serious boob confusion.

The following morning was so difficult as P and E both needed tlc, medicine and lots of attention.

I was up most of the nights feeding and caring for E and most of the breastfeeds were in a strange sleep state and before I knew it it was time to be up and have breakfast.

E could do nothing but cry because she is so little and doesn’t talk yet and P was acting out and refusing nap time, eventually a took her up whilst she tried to back flip out of my arms and grab everything on the way. She was then completely sound asleep within 10 minutes, kids!

This continued for the whole week and both of them missed out on nursery but that allowed them, yes THEM to fully recover, I on the other hand have no idea how I’m still functioning. On the nights I spent walking E around in her pram to try and settle her to sleep and knew she would only last a short time I decided to catch up on Game of Thrones and dive in to my chocolate…thank goodness for Game of Thrones! Cue, huge teethy grin.

P recovered faster but did decide to step up her threenager -isms this week too and it was anything and anywhere. At home, supermarkets, on the road, you name it.

At the supermarket, it was all going so well and I was packing whilst P was happily engaging with the cashier and helping out in her own way, we were almost done but then suddenly P breaks in to tears and the whole supermarket seemed to go quiet (you know what I mean, like everyone’s trying to get on with their business but actually listening and pretending not to look your way)

What’s wrong P?


Whilst letting out a loud cry.

So now cashier is trying to get her attention too and a few passers-by whilst she tries to wipes her face which now is all wet from the tears.

What happened P, can you tell mummy with your words?


As we try and say good bye,

I wanna get down! Down! Wanna get down!


and we head to the car park leaving a silent supermarket behind us…

These toddlers’ are unpredictable so Beware seriously BEWARE but all that is minor because this has a huge impact on mums too and extremely challenging and testing on inner calm, so a mum with no sleep or rest with toddler and baby is a zombie mummy or Mombie you just don’t wanna mess with.

St Patrick’s Day: A random memory

Today is St Patrick’s day and it reminded me of my trip to Ireland back at uni for my mates 21st birthday. A group of us girls decided to go. I personally knew I probably won’t be allowed so one weekend I went home to somehow inform them I was going. This was a couple of weeks before the trip my mum was busy in the kitchen over the deep fat fryer. So I decided that this was best time to tell her that I won’t be coming home for that weekend as it’s Nikki’s Birthday and we are all going to Dublin for a weekend to celebrate. My mum not really listening said that is fine and so that was that really and I went back to uni with my passport.

Come the weekend my mum rang superstitously questioning why I wasn’t coming home. She must have known she didn’t hear properly and went off on one for me taking advantage of the situation she was in. That wasn’t really the case in my defense i thought and after that 20 minutes phone call she hung up and i carried on withbmy assigbment ibhd to finish before going. She then rang back after 10 minutes querying my passport and that I can’t go without it, to which I informed her that I already had it and not to worry but of course that brought on another telling off, including one from my dad. You see we kept all of the passports together in one place in them days and all knew where they were if needed but my parents weren’t impressed on realising I took it with out “permission” even though it’s my passport and my legal right to do with what ever I wish, It was more of the principal.

So off we went to have an awesome weekend and came back to my family acting out some hostility, which was short lived upon them realising that it wasn’t really a big of a deal, I hadn’t actually come home a rebel and after receiving a few presents (of course) I was having parathas. Haha.

For me this actually highlights the importance of building trust and a level of confidence with your children so that they are able to comfortably come to you when they have something on their minds. With kids of my own I would like them to be able to tell me whatever and share their experiences knowing that I won’t be giving them a very desi reaction.

Fun times though.