It’s 2016

A Happy New year to you all, we are definitely hitting the ground running this year with plenty of exciting things I’m looking forward to sharing with you all; Birthdays, weddings, parties, religious events and cultural festivals.

January is a busy month for me and my family as its Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurpurab as well as poornmassi.

Culturally we will be celebrating Lohri this year as we had 2 new born babies in the family, one of which is my baby girl. What is Lohri? How and why do we celebrate this and how do I balance this between culture and Sikhi as well as the issues around Gender bias.

In the mean time we have abandoned potty training resulting from a crazy week and also I’ll be sharing my breast feeding journey with you guys this month.

Enjoy your first week back everyone!


My life just went down the toilet?!

It’s The eve of Christmas Eve and my life just went down the toilet-again. Although not literally but….well actually it was quite literally. let me explain…

Excited and enthusiastically engaged in getting my toddler to poop in the potty (she hasn’t done one all day. Story for another day). Cheering, clapping, sticker rewards, even the baby got involved clapping along and cheering and totally amused with the entertainment. Nothing. Toddler wasn’t having any of it, so with one last effort I knew I had to do it and get stuck right in!

As she was sat on the potty I decided to jump over and begin to pretend ‘poop’ (as you do). Happily in slow motion, placing my bum on the seat and getting ready for a Oscar winning performance (yeah really) this is gunna work, she will do it, toddler will poop and that will be the deed of the day or so I thought. I get closer to that seat and then it happened, the big SPLASH! 

In total horror I jump up and turn to face the toilet faster than you can say poop! I look down and there it was my phone, my PHONE! Drowning and suffocating at the bottom of the toilet water. So as come the inevitable bleepers (curses-n-all) and for some unknown reason passing blame to my husband, “It’s all your fault, you moody…”(I’ll leave the rest to your imagination) my hand dives in to rescue my phone. I pull out my drenched phone and my disgustingly wet hand and then leaving my amused but confused children in the bathroom shouting Mummy! Mummy! and my husband running towards us also confused and worried at what might have just happened that was his fault. I dived through the kitchen so fast, I don’t think my feet touched the floor and skidded in to the pantry. Almost about to cry and going through all the things I won’t be able to do, I swung open the door to the cupboard pulled out the box of rice and buried my phone and shut the lid, praying this works and my phone survives, whilst pushing out the memories of the past 4 times this has happened to me before and it’s alway the toilet, ALWAYS!

Snapping back to reality whilst hurriedly but thoroughly washing my hands, Mummy Mummy! Oh the kids I thought and I ran back to the bathroom with a happy face to resume that Oscar winning performance.

It is amazing how much we rely on our phones or even technology for that matter, I do almost everything on my phone, I mean what does one do with out Whatsapp? so even though it wasn’t, it really was quit literally my life!

So as I may have left you with an awkward image of me on the toilet, Happy New Years Eve-Eve!

Oh and nope, she didn’t poop!