The time we lost Minnie 

Minnie is an important part of the family. She goes everywhere with P but there are times when Minnie gets left to one side and forgotten about either through play or distraction. Yesterday P had her one minute, I know she did, I saw the Minnie and the next thing I know she was asking me where’s Minnie. 

So the search began, well actually me instructing P to look began. I sent her back upstairs to go find her, I figured she would remember where she left her and be back down in no time, but she got to the top of the stairs and said mummy I can’t find Minnie. Oh man I thought and guided her to look in all the rooms to which she did by pointing to each door and saying not in bathroom, not in mummy room, not in other mummy rooms and not in my room. So I came to the bottom of the stairs as she continued to explain she looked everywhere and didnt know where she has gone. I explained and got her to go in each room, she followed but literally ran in to the room and ran back out and told me she’s not there mummy I looked everywhere, Mummy I looked everywhere. This continued for about 3 rounds whilst E desperately tried to get the stair gate open and get up the stairs but then I felt stressed, annoyed and baffled all at the same time and decided to go have a look myself.

P joined me in the hunt while E screamed her disapproval of being left downstairs at the gate. No reason having them both raiding upstairs when this is only gunna take a few seconds…but where was Minnie. I looked in every room and every cupboard, under the beds and even the bathroom toilet  (you just never know with toddlers). Minnie was truly missing, I couldn’t find her. 

I turned to prabjot, I investigated and prompted but it was all futile, this is a toddler if she says I don’t know mummy she really doesn’t know. Ha. 

The Where’s Minnie mummy cry went on for an hour by which time I was really annoyed and fed up with missing Minnie. Go on judge me, it’s annoying! I told her she needs to be more responsible and then remembered shes 3yrs old, haha. So we went for another search by which time I felt like crying myself. Where the hell is Minnie, come back Minnie. I can’t do this anymore, I’m loosing my mind. I need a cup of tea, Hot! Hot cup of tea. Oh my God, why had this happened to us, life is just not the same with out you Minnie, come back. Mummy where my Minnie gone. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy.  

Oh I don’t fuckin’ know!! Oops. 

And then P laughs. Apparently me losing it is funny..? 

Nope couldn’t find Minnie though and realised it just had to be done, so I turned to P and gave her the bad news I’m sorry we can’t find Minnie, we did everything we could. I’m really sorry, you’ll have to go nursery with out her. 

Woaaaahhhhhh I want Minnie.

I know I know. Distraction techniques began and we got to nursery and I left pretty quickly before she could ask for Minnie again and quietly warned the carers, haha.

As the girls were at nursery I did another search for my own sanity and really couldn’t find her, have I lost my mummy finding skills? Am I loosing the plot? Or have I gone man-blind  (the can’t see it even if it’s infront of them kind of thing. Yeah I like making words up, but it’s so so true. Hehe). I didn’t know but abandoned the search for the rest of the day, like I stopped caring, I really did. It’s just a stuffed toy I thought, P is not here and I’m hungry so food is more important, right? 

That evening, everyone had forgotten about Minnie but during bedtime routine as I was tending to E, Mummy I found minnie, yay look. I found Minnie and there she was in the cupboard right before our eyes.

Didn’t we look into that cupboard like a million times? Yes, I looked in the f**king cupboard, and it wasnt there. Wtf, It was NOT there.


Last week I became a Mombie

I was looking forward to some time to myself with both girls at nursery, I had so much planned and organised. I thought it was all going to plan with shopping, birthday organising and some me time with a bit of working out at the gym but then… the girls came home with temperatures on the Friday just before the weekend!

DaddySingh brought them in, E soundly sleeping in her car seat and P all cranky and crying, one look at her and I knew it. Tired eyes, red swollen cheeks, hot and in ‘thug’ mode. Yup Threenagers are good at this.

That evening was then filled with many tantrums, dinner refusals, throwing things and crying, crying and lots of crying plus the completely chaotic bed time.

I have to admit the silence after they finally got to sleep was golden, I quickly, well more like a tiptoe jogingly leaped into the kitchen and put the kettle on but the oh joy was short lived as E kept waking up with difficulty breathing and soring temperatures. On top of that she insisted breastfeeding through the night.

That was difficult as we were weaning out and reached 1 breastfeed at night and then suddenly she was feeding constantly, yeah serious boob confusion.

The following morning was so difficult as P and E both needed tlc, medicine and lots of attention.

I was up most of the nights feeding and caring for E and most of the breastfeeds were in a strange sleep state and before I knew it it was time to be up and have breakfast.

E could do nothing but cry because she is so little and doesn’t talk yet and P was acting out and refusing nap time, eventually a took her up whilst she tried to back flip out of my arms and grab everything on the way. She was then completely sound asleep within 10 minutes, kids!

This continued for the whole week and both of them missed out on nursery but that allowed them, yes THEM to fully recover, I on the other hand have no idea how I’m still functioning. On the nights I spent walking E around in her pram to try and settle her to sleep and knew she would only last a short time I decided to catch up on Game of Thrones and dive in to my chocolate…thank goodness for Game of Thrones! Cue, huge teethy grin.

P recovered faster but did decide to step up her threenager -isms this week too and it was anything and anywhere. At home, supermarkets, on the road, you name it.

At the supermarket, it was all going so well and I was packing whilst P was happily engaging with the cashier and helping out in her own way, we were almost done but then suddenly P breaks in to tears and the whole supermarket seemed to go quiet (you know what I mean, like everyone’s trying to get on with their business but actually listening and pretending not to look your way)

What’s wrong P?


Whilst letting out a loud cry.

So now cashier is trying to get her attention too and a few passers-by whilst she tries to wipes her face which now is all wet from the tears.

What happened P, can you tell mummy with your words?


As we try and say good bye,

I wanna get down! Down! Wanna get down!


and we head to the car park leaving a silent supermarket behind us…

These toddlers’ are unpredictable so Beware seriously BEWARE but all that is minor because this has a huge impact on mums too and extremely challenging and testing on inner calm, so a mum with no sleep or rest with toddler and baby is a zombie mummy or Mombie you just don’t wanna mess with.

MummyKaur is here!!

Oh hear we go (another mummy blog I hear you say!), I have had this blog set up for a while now and with so much to say i’ve been twitching to tap away but just didnt know where to start.

So whilst in the middle of so called “sleep training” my 8.5 month old, I thought lets get started. Well, at least it will help me extend the time before I give up and pick her up so that she doesnt wake up her big sister *smacks hand to forehead, whilst remembering I said I would never give in 🙈.

I’m a young (ish) British Sikh mum of 2 little girls (2yrs old and 8.5 months old) and just have to share my journey as a Sikh mum. Being brought up in a Punjabi Cultural/Traditional environment and now married to a husband (along with his family) that are more religiously/spiritually inclined there are, whilst balancing both worlds, plenty of events, experiences and thoughts I want to talk about because we just dont share them enough, right?!

So before I go and pick up my seriously defiant baby that wont sleep, I’m really looking forward to blogging and please do let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


MummyKaur 😘