About me

Hey! Thanks for dropping by at MummyKaur and Jee Aeiyaan Nu/Welcome! This blog is full of true and direct but funny and sometimes controversial stories all about my thoughts, adventures and experiences in mummy life and beyond.

In our family we have me Mummykaur. I’m a young (ish. Haha, humour me) British Sikh girl brought up in a Punjabi Cultural/Traditional environment and now married to a husband who along with his family are more religiously/spiritually inclined.

I do have an obsession with chocolate, the real stuff not the cheap stuff full of sugar!! So if your getting me some make sure it’s 70% dark please, hehe! I have a thing for stationary and have my own set of coloring books.I love to add a sense of magic and fairytales to the day with plenty of loopy twists and comedy.

My husband DaddySingh is a health and fitness enthusiast, he never misses football, loves Pizza and all things Paneer. He also thinks I’m crazy and doesn’t understand how my minds works most of the time. There is also our 2 girls P and E. P who is the ultimate toddler and E is the baby of the family.

My family are all from Punjab but my In-laws are all from Kenya, Africa and so whilst balancing both worlds, there are plenty of events, experiences and thoughts I want to share about because we just dont share them enough, right?!

I’m not the best writer in the world but I have always loved writing and all things literature and artsy stuff, so after 10 years of denying my hobbies I’m now figuring it all out again and I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and feel welcome to leave your comments. I’d love to hear from you, even just to say Hi!.

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