Lanzarote was a weather risk and everyone kept telling us it would be cold now so we did pack a jumper or two just incase but to be honest, we decided that getting away regardless of the weather was the main thing. 

That week in Lanzarote though, I kid you not, was the hottest they had had in a late November for years. We actually felt like we were being blessed with such a great place and the beach was absolutely awesome. We did nothing but chill and eat, haha! 

The bleeding actually stopped and I felt I was on the bend, finally the only physical reminder I had was my round belly but I felt ready to get back on the fitness ladder.

Christmas time came and wet, me and hubby were definitely back in the fitness game, well hubby was always on it but I was taking smaller steps, so got in touch with my personal fitness trainer and got stuck right into it. 

I was doing really well and a few months later hubby and I decided we could give it another go on the baby front and puff!(…yep there was a wand involved, haha) I missed a period. We were expecting and decided to see how it goes before we broke the news. 

Soon though hubby felt comfortable with anouncing to the family about pregnancy but I really didn’t want to. We talked about it for days and eventually I thought ok it’s not long till the first scan so fine but still I wasnt 100% happy with it. why? I think for me I just wanted to get past the first scan and know things were ok this time. Everybody is different you should go with what you feel is right. 

So the announcement was made and most people were happy and looking forward to the baby.  Hubby and I were grateful but remained grounded though as we knew any thing can happen.

Blimey though, news flew across the nation like wild fire and everybody knew in a matter of days. Ok, people may have been excited or just wanted to spread the news but in no exaggeration it felt a bit over the top, for me anyway. I let it go though, focused on not stressing out and with that we booked to go to Greece as we would be in safe zone for traveling after the scan.

The cravings were out of this world and morning sicknes was horrible. I was feeling sick all day long as well as whilst I was sleeping, so ginger ale became my Saviour. Hubby would bring me dry crackers and tea first thing in morning, so I would have energy to get out of bed and being at work became hard work especially at lunch times with the smells, yuk! 

The day of the scan came around… my tummy feeling cold with the ultrasound gel, we watched our baby on the screen and waited..


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