It’s the last series.

After Vampire Diaries ended there was a bit of a null for me but hubby was relieved, even though he refuses to watch it he does find himself drawn to TVD but he just resists the urge. I don’t blame him though the whole thing is nearly over so starting now would be pointless and annoying for me with all the questions I know he would come out with. 

The problem is though for over a year I have tried to get him to watch some sort of series with me but just didn’t want to. I did persist though and continue to tempt him with a few box sets but eventually left it.

Then out of the blue one evening he goes it would be good to watch a series together. what? hey! after all this time, now he wants to watch something. ok ok let’s keep this relaxed and let him lead the conversation and don’t be too excited what did you have in mind?…this is when the fun started. Basically to cut a long story short we now follow 2; Hunters and WestWorld. 

The only frustrating thing is though that we are always 2 to 3 episodes behind, because just dont get a chance to watch them but at the same time I guess this is good, as we can do more than 1 in a straight run and it is way better on catch up with out the adverts.

Plus BBC Aprentice is back on and this series has been quite entertaining.

So if you don’t already know, Vampire Diaries is back, woop! I mean, I was super excited when I saw ‘recorded’ on my Skype Planner and that’s when hubby went straight to bed, hehe.

It is the very last series though (sniff sniff), so I’m looking forward to how they wrap this all up and whether Elena comes back or not, apparently she will? 


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