This year the girls nursery had a pumpkin party for the kids. P asked to be a witch for Halloween so I decided to get E a little cat outfit just because I thought she would get frustrated with all that material. 

This morning P mentioned a wander so I had to quickly think up and create a wander for her because like an idiot I didn’t get one.

So looking around the house with 10 minutes before we have to leave for nursery, I came up with the black wand (in featured image) made with of rolled up paper and then wrapped around it with duck tape, haha. I thought it was pretty cool and the nursery thought it was really creative. Most importantly P loved it and insisted on hiding it away for bed time so that no one can find it and do naughty tricks in the night.

On the downside I forgot the stuff for the trick or treat and the pumpkin for the window, so we had no knocks on the door. I felt bad because there were so many kids this year out and about, sorry I’ll do better year.

Ooops! I think I just got about away with it though, shhhhhh. 

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