I nearly missed E’s Birthday paath haha. If you don’t know what I’m on about, catch up here, but as I went through doing the thank you messages it got me thinking about the different types of people that came to the birthday and it’s usually the same for any event really. You know who they are, it can be predictable and sometimes completely surprising.

The early bird helpers these peeps always turn up before you. Always over enthusiastic and they make you question your enthusiasm (or lack of it…and your whole life?)

Random lovely Maaji that knows and seems to love you and wishes you all the blessings in the world. Possibly force a £5 gift in your hand. You look around for someone to give you a hint to who she is but no one’s around but this maaji is always on her way out of the gurdwara so now you’ll never know, damn.

Just in time and make an entrance. These guys just cut it super fine either they get up late, are unorganised or just know by some divine intervention exactly what time to arrive. Cue the hallo!

The late ones sometimes they have kids in tow that made them late and sometimes it because a shit load of shit happened that morning and on the way to the birthday but oh my god was it Omg, like Omg this and that happened! well better late than never eh.

The quick head butters they only stay 1 hr max. These peeps are always busy, so much to do and always multi booked with events. How popular!

Present themselves and disapear with out a trace these guys have it mastered, they position themselves so you see and greet them and make sure you know they’ve attended the ceremony but then puff! they disapear with out saying goodbye or letting you see them go. Wizard style! 

The super helpful they get stuck in the minute they arrive just like it’s their own event and their life depends on it but you don’t mind because you like them and well you could do with the help. Work monkeys work!

Babysitters and child minders they end up with the kids by choice or accident and in the end the best types because you know your kids are entertained whilst you get on with the tasks. You guys deserve a sticker AND a stamp!

The know it all you hear this person the minute they arrive because they always have an opinion and no problems expressing them. They pop out of nowhere whenever there is a situation or decision to be made and when ever you hear them in conversation they always seem to have an experience or strategy for everything. Problem solved!..maybe not.

Random staring Maaji they eye you up from across the room, analysing your every move and judging you on every action. Watch out she’ll eventually say something awkward and put you on the spot. She watches Star Plus!

The watcher they find the best spot in the place and watch everything and everyone. They won’t do anything or necessarily talk much but they definitely have observational skills. Hawk style!

The listener these people think they are natural spies acting all cool and distracted but hear everything even if they are a mile off and you were definitely whispering. MI5 don’t know what they’re missing!

The gossiper they just want the latest in everybodies business and spend the whole time getting the lowdown and spreading it around to new listeners. Blah blah blah!

The doesnt want to be there at all but is these guys HAD to come either by force or sense of duty. They don’t really interact and have no problem showing you they don’t want to be there.

The avoiders they wont speak to you until you talk to them. They act like they didn’t notice or blatantly stand in your way so you make the first move.

Random nosey Maaji comes to ask you loads of questions and randomly walks off when she loses interest but you know she’ll come back again. Aajo Aajo.

The no reason no shows THEY DIDNT RSVP, show up or courtesy let you know why. You then consider taking them off the invite list…still thinking? No your off, your OFF!

Random activist maaji that knows everything and anything political she’s on it, tells you you’re doing it all wrong and maybe even tries to take over. Cue protest “Maaji rules maaji rules”.

The stay backers they don’t get stuck in but definitely stick around to interact but just not get too involved. Tip toe tip toe!

Can you relate to my experience? Have you had different ones, share them with me I’d love to know! 


2 thoughts on “Types of people at your childs birthday

  1. Love this – I’m definitely the wizard who appears and disappears at all social functions – only if there aren’t kids around, then I become the childminder, not out of choice a lot of the time hahahaha


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