Omg I’ve literally just finished watching the last episode of the Vampire Diaries amd now it’s finished, noooo!. 

I look forward to TVD every week and was looking forward to Bonnie being saved and then there was a cliffhanger, of course there was just to keep us hanging for the next series. Love it, but still why, why so long!
More than ever there is a amazing choice of series available to us to watch and enjoy. So many people are addicted to many of these programmes that take us away from our own reality and allow us to build our imagination and conversations with like minded people.

I’m one of those and absolutely love watching quit a few of them too particularly the Vampire Diaries because it has fantasy, drama, action and bit of everything really but I’ve been following since the beginning and I admittedly love the whole Vampire-Ness. Ok ok, it’s Damon, Damon is just yummy! Omg Damon you will be ok, we will save you don’t worry Stephans working on it! 

The next series though which is mostly likely the last, I don’t know when it will be aired but seriously hurry up I just can’t wait to find out what was in that vault.  You CREEPY HANDS!

For now, what do I do with my life? 



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