We will not sleep! 

Last night was supposed to be dinner, story and then bedtime. Had the evening to myself so planned a beautiful cup of tea and catchup on one of my favourite shows, The Vampire Diaries. Yes I watch TVD, what?! Lalalaaaa… but no, the girls had other ideas!! Hubby went out for the evening and all was going as planned. Suddenly E threw her sandwiches in the air and P followed suit and thats where it all began. 

Should have seen it coming but sometimes it just hits you like a water balloon in your face. 

Girls decided it was more fun to watch shimmer and shine and NOT help mummy tidy up the mess, so the TV went off and the tantrums switched on. After loads of positive reinforcement the girls ‘helped’ clean up and most of that involved  P directing and supervising, such a boss! With E picking up the tiny pile and rearranging in to a mess in the other side. 

The evening continued with spinning around and bumping in to each other and crying when they got hurt and then laughing at each other when mummy gave the ‘eye’. Yes the eye, I perfected it I promise but only pull out to full eye when really needed! Have to save it for full impact hahaha! This wasn’t a full impact but it was closer, very very close!

Bedtime routine involved loads of screaming and squeals as they wrestled and turned ‘not getting in to pyjamas and brushing our teeth’ into a game. So I brushed my teeth with them, you know what they say if you cant beat them join them and in the end we had a wet bathroom with water everywhere because they both wanted to clean their faces at the same time and had to push each other out of the way. 

Getting them back in control and calmed down we had our story time followed by the count down. That is when they know bedtime is seriously here and mummy is not to be messed with! Although they still try, after all life is too short so gotta stretch bedtime where ever we can! Grrr! Haha.

P was down and E well, she was having none of it, seriously fought back with a vengeance so I took her back down so P wouldnt wake up but before I knew it P was out of her room and telling me she done a poo. She hadn’t done a poo she just wanted to come down. After trying to negotiate with me about how she needs to stay up with E she said she needs a wee so I let her sit on the potty and E joined us in the bathroom for half an hour of nursery rhymes when finally P hit the target (potty) with a wee and we went down to start bedtime routine all over again. 

Before I knew it P was telling me why she shouldn’t go to bed yet and wanted to stay up. Whilst listening I went to get their milks and they both decided it was super fun to imagine the sofa as a trampoline and before you know it a heard a smash and turned in to see them both on the floor crying with their hands to their heads. Yep, they banged heads and fell off the sofa. Restraining my self from laughing I expressed sympathy with a huge grin. P saw through me and immediately stopped crying and sat back on the sofa, crossed her arms and told me it wasn’t funny.  They both went to bed with in 5 minutes though because mummy did the count down…

P went down fine but E had other ideas and tried to baby slam dunk me followed by hulk hogans big leg move, bouncing up and down and attempting to flip over me to escape the ring (bed). Finally after persistence, she was knocked out and so was I. That didn’t last long though as E kept waking up hungry for milk, so being shattered and unable to move, I nudged hubby, who was home by now, to get a bottle, whilst I tried to keep eshjot in sleep state, just didn’t want her fully waking up. That happened about 3 times and hubby got annoyed, especially as I half kicked him out of bed with instructions, cue evil laugh. I laugh as I write this because it’s so hilarious. He will get me back though, so better watch my back, bahahahaaa!!

I woke up the following morning fully dressed (well that’s a first), so much for catching up on The Vampire Diaries. 


6 thoughts on “We will not sleep! 

  1. Love TVD – need to have a serious catch-up on it though, am so far behind it’s unreal (literally watched it for Damon lol). And my sister has two little girls too – both a handful but also super cute 🙂 Love the post!


      1. I’m so far back – like when Elena turned into an evil vampire and was killing peeps lol, and they wanted to find and give her the cure. I’m not sure what’s happened since, I’ve missed loads though right? All I need to know – do Elena and Damon get together properly? Was never a big fan of Stefan hahahaha


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