Over the 3rd Hill…

It was my birthday a few days ago, being on a weekday though there wasn’t too much planned but I met a friend for lunch at a new place in town and spent the evening with the kids and hubby. We finished the evening with a movie and of course cake. It was seriously a huge portion of cake so I decided to save it for the next day. 

Over the years my viewpoint on birthdays has changed. Not sure if that’s a natural progression of age or not. Before, many moons ago, it was the usual family get together with candles and all the trimmings, however this year I opted to just take the chilled out approach and as it was a work day we couldn’t plan much anyway plus the kids routine and bedtime is really important to us. 

We did opt for an Indian takeaway because I didn’t feel like cooking  (not that I cook anyway hahaha) and efinitely didn’t want pizza. What? No pizza yup, we have a tradition of celebrating with pizza BUT me and hubby being a bunch of health needs these days did that earlier in the week and although I could do it twice, variety is spice of life as they say. 

I did forget to take a picture of my meal, darn! Follow me on instagram to see all my food pics. Yumm Yumm.


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