Even though I managed to seriously annoy hubby yesterday (hehe), so much so that when i touched him i got a spark of electricity! And It really hurt!! 

we still went for a huge treat…

Like a hero though, I actually ate the whole thing! I did give amrit a piece though, just to be nice. 

The quesadila was so yummy and seriously filling. No need or room for dessert.

On the bad side though I was so full my stomach hurt for ages and I was shopping around rubbing my belly. Amrit said you look like a pregnant lady so may be you should stop.

I did refuse because I was in so much pain even though i was sticking my belly out far too much l, bloated n all. As we passed the chairs the seated people were looking someone will end up giving you their seat in a minute, hahaha. 

Finally I went home and had a gorgeous hot cup of miny tea and felt so much better. 

Lesson of the day: Don’t eat with your eyes! 


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