I’m decorating our bedroom 

​Hubby and I decorated our home before the kids came along and let’s just say the kids have put their own mark on it over the years and not just our kids the niece and nephews have all taken part.

We decided to go for 3 wall paint and 1 wall with featured wall paper and though it was a great idea as paint is easy to cover over and easy to do in reality it’s been a pain in the ass. The paint was a random variation of cream but looked really good in the room, clean and fresh. 

As P discovered crayons and pens when she was a toddler, everything changed and colouring books and paper was just not enough for her. There would be felt all over the fireplace and kitchen cabinets. We now have random ‘works of art’ on the walls around the house and not forgetting the calpol with syringe, a true master piece!! 

The time when P got hold of the de-Icer and really thought she was helping mummy clean the walls and the floor. In the end i was left with a wet wall and soaked floor, noooo! Was my inital reaction. What a dilemma she actually thought she did a super job and said I’ll help you mummy with an innocent face, so I couldn’t tell her off. After explaining the purpose of a de-icer I got her to help me clean the floor and with the wall, well, I got a cloth and rubed all the stains together hoping it would magically disappear but was left with this huge circle of a stain, bollocks I thought. Luckily though it all dried off and now you can’t tell, phew! 

Lots of people have said to me you shouldn’t let them do these things and you need to be more strict on them. Well, firstly we don’t LET them do it. Kids have a way about them, they will do it when you least expect it or it’ll be so quick the damage will be done before you even lift your foot to go into that dive to save the wall. Shit happens, it’s all about how we deal with it rather than dwell on it. 

I mean i know parents who dont even let thier child feed themselves because the child might dirty the wall and floor. I mean really? but thats because im an easy going mum and love sensory play! It is hard though there are times we just want a clean house and orderly children but then that’s when I know that some thing is wrong with mine, haha. Each to their own, do what is best for you as all family dynamics are different.

I have found though understanding child development stages can really help shape how I deal with situations. Self control is a learnt behaviour and children learn it over time. Child development expert Nina Lief, author of The First THREE Years of Life, says children this young are torn between wanting to do as their parents tell them to (in this case “Don’t write on the wall”) and giving in to their impulses. They then are overcome by frustration and respond with writing on the wall anyway followed by kicks and tantrums. 

If you want to know more read this for a boost of information on child development and self control.
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