In both my pregnancies I had Pica, that’s when you crave substances with little or no nutritional value and usually are not things that you would eat. Pica is actually Latin for magpie, a bird that will notoriously eat anything and I guess if you suffer in pregnancy like I did, you become a magpie, hehe. 

My cravings were rather strong for wood, petrol and I was absolutely obsessed with fresh Mint and erm a certain adult activity huc hum (let’s keep this blog pg  rated shall we). I have to say though I personally refrained from actually consuming wood and petrol but I did get my fix by smelling petrol at the filling station, sniffing the fresh varnish and walking past fresh tarmac. My favourite was buying ice cream with sticks, so I could chew the wooden stick afterwards, of course you HAVE to eat the ice cream first, hehe.

Pregnant women also crave things like dirt, paper ( Oh I had that one too, the smell of newspaper was a must occasionally going for a chew and throw out), chalk, dry rice, gasoline, paint thinner, toilet paper, rocks, laundry detergent, bleach and ice.

Yep, all this sounds super weird and horrible but seriously when i was pregnant and craving, it was all I could think of until I gave in and headed to the freezer for that ice cream, haha.

The good news is that most of these symptoms are thought to be linked to mineral deficiency of either Zinc, Magnesium or Iron or maybe all of them, so looking in to your diet and adjusting it may help you.  For me this information helped me to add normal foods that were rich in these minerals and it definitely made a difference and calmed down my cravings, although the fresh mint continued till the end of the pregnancy. 

Luckily though once the pregnancy was over the Pica went too.

Pica can effect all adults and children too, if you feel you may have the symptoms always go to consult your doctor or medical expert first.

Have you experienced Pica or going through it now? Let me know I’d love to hear your story.

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