Oops, we forgot again! 

The kids woke up a little earlier than usual and hubby was just leaving for work. As he left the house I decided to change the girls nappies again before having breakfast when I see hubby returning to the house rather hurriedly. Oh he’s probably forgotten something i thought and continued to dress E as P tried to help by running around and jumping on me, testing my balance in squatting position of course. 

Hubby comes straight over to us and then randomly gives me a kiss and says happy anniversary!!

Oh, oh yeah happy anniversary. Oops haha!

I know, you can’t say I didn’t remember now! 

Hmm yeah right, I thought. I saw you looking at your phone.

Obviously read my mind, hubby laughs, check your phone later to see who remembered

Erm, oh was it sister in law again.

No. Well actually yeah but not the one your thinking of. See ya later.

See you later!


Later, (probably about 20 minutes later)

Checking phone, and it was a sister in law but the younger one.

You see for a few years now we have forgotten our wedding anniversary on the day. That is until we see a message from our sister in law who usually messages early in the morning. So we jokingly make it out like we never forgot, always saved by the message. This year we also got a message but it was a different sister in law.

Will we remember next year? Let see but for now a big up to the sister inlaws!! 



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