St Patrick’s Day: A random memory

Today is St Patrick’s day and it reminded me of my trip to Ireland back at uni for my mates 21st birthday. A group of us girls decided to go. I personally knew I probably won’t be allowed so one weekend I went home to somehow inform them I was going. This was a couple of weeks before the trip my mum was busy in the kitchen over the deep fat fryer. So I decided that this was best time to tell her that I won’t be coming home for that weekend as it’s Nikki’s Birthday and we are all going to Dublin for a weekend to celebrate. My mum not really listening said that is fine and so that was that really and I went back to uni with my passport.

Come the weekend my mum rang superstitously questioning why I wasn’t coming home. She must have known she didn’t hear properly and went off on one for me taking advantage of the situation she was in. That wasn’t really the case in my defense i thought and after that 20 minutes phone call she hung up and i carried on withbmy assigbment ibhd to finish before going. She then rang back after 10 minutes querying my passport and that I can’t go without it, to which I informed her that I already had it and not to worry but of course that brought on another telling off, including one from my dad. You see we kept all of the passports together in one place in them days and all knew where they were if needed but my parents weren’t impressed on realising I took it with out “permission” even though it’s my passport and my legal right to do with what ever I wish, It was more of the principal.

So off we went to have an awesome weekend and came back to my family acting out some hostility, which was short lived upon them realising that it wasn’t really a big of a deal, I hadn’t actually come home a rebel and after receiving a few presents (of course) I was having parathas. Haha.

For me this actually highlights the importance of building trust and a level of confidence with your children so that they are able to comfortably come to you when they have something on their minds. With kids of my own I would like them to be able to tell me whatever and share their experiences knowing that I won’t be giving them a very desi reaction.

Fun times though.


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