We have a cr-uffler!

Me and baby had just arrived home after doing the home shopping and we were both hungry. I decided to pack everything away and let baby play around on her mat with her toys in the lounge. Whilst I was unpacking I could hear her talking and playing around so went in to see what she was up to. 

I entered the room with my eyes on the area where I left her but it was empty, my heart was about to skip a beat when I saw her staring at me about a foot to left. She had noticed something she wanted to play with and somehow moved over to get it. 

”Ah baby, how did you get there I asked'”

Obviously she didn’t talk back but I did get an I’m impressed and you’ll never know type of giggle. I went back to the kitchen to sort our lunch out. We were having jacket potatoes with cottage cheese, organic of course with lots of salad. As that was getting done I went back to play with baby and as I walked in amazingly she had moved again and this time she was headed towards the coffee table.

This is when I realised that the first time she had moved was no coincidence and she has actually found a way of getting around. Completely excited and full of enthusiasm I ran in front of her saying ”Ajaa aaja” (come come) with the hand motions in full swing as well, however baby just looked at me with expressions that could be interpreted in so many ways but basically meant NO!

The microwave went beep and lunch was ready but before I went I thought I’ll try again and said ‘aaja baby’ and she then smiled and shook her head to say no. She grasped that one quite quickly, kids love saying no don’t they! 

As I was plating up our lunch and had literally turned to walk back into the lounge when I heard, Thud!, bang!….waaaaa! I ran in with our plates and saw baby lying on the floor crying with the air fan beside her. To my amazement she had made it to the side of the TV, reached up and pulled the fan down!

That’s when I knew our lives had turned a corner, because now is the new era of baby mobility. Once they enter that ‘travelling’ phase where they are able to move around in some way or another you suddenly realise your home has hazards every where!!

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt though and we continued on to enjoy our lunch whilst I thought about rearranging the whole house to make way for a new baby on the move!!

She now gets around by heading for a crawl but transitions in to a shuffle. That’s what I mean by cr-uffling, half crawling and half shuffling. Babies eh!

All babies are different and start moving in so many different ways, my toddler did rollie pollies. How did your baby move around? 


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