It’s almost 4:30am in the morning I think (I can’t even see the clock, the clock is a dot me right now. That’s how tired I am) and I’m still up pushing baby around the living room in her pushchair.

You see, I finally decided to wean her off breast milk and currently combine feeding with formula, however she now has her first bad cold, MummyKaur pulls sad face. Yes, I give all credit to breastfeeding because it did miracles for both of us. I mean we both escaped the winter flu and colds whilst toddler and DaddySingh were very poorly that’s how good breast milk is, not even a sniffle. I’m sure now though it’ll all happen now, haha.

Anyway, pushing baby around in her bugaboo (the best and most comfy pushchair ever!) because she is poorly and isn’t sleeping. No, seriously round and round in endless circles, number eights, squiggly circles, short spinning circles and back and forth to help her sleep. She has even managed to wake up her sister a few times, who is now crying and being gently calmed down by DaddySingh. As soon as baby knocks out though, I slip out for a cup of tea and that lasts only minutes (5 minutes we have made it so far) but she will definitely wake up again and so it will continue.

This has to be a first for her with a very bad cold, teething, blocked nose and cough. However not so much of a first for me and DaddySingh (who is by the way sound a sleep in that comfy bed…MummyKaur dreams of sleep!), we went through all this with toddler and a lot more of it but no matter how many times you do it, it’s always hard. Thank god for Chaa and Bessan (usually chocolate, in fact always chocolate but we just happen to have Bessan, so why not?!) Oh and blogging!

She did wake up again because of her blocked nose and we did continue our merry go round all through the night. She eventually slept though and both toddler and baby woke up at the same time, all happy like nothing happened.  

…Now where did I leave my happy mug?

Anyone else been up with their kids recently? How did you get through? 


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