MummyKaur is here!!

Oh hear we go (another mummy blog I hear you say!), I have had this blog set up for a while now and with so much to say i’ve been twitching to tap away but just didnt know where to start.

So whilst in the middle of so called “sleep training” my 8.5 month old, I thought lets get started. Well, at least it will help me extend the time before I give up and pick her up so that she doesnt wake up her big sister *smacks hand to forehead, whilst remembering I said I would never give in 🙈.

I’m a young (ish) British Sikh mum of 2 little girls (2yrs old and 8.5 months old) and just have to share my journey as a Sikh mum. Being brought up in a Punjabi Cultural/Traditional environment and now married to a husband (along with his family) that are more religiously/spiritually inclined there are, whilst balancing both worlds, plenty of events, experiences and thoughts I want to talk about because we just dont share them enough, right?!

So before I go and pick up my seriously defiant baby that wont sleep, I’m really looking forward to blogging and please do let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.


MummyKaur 😘


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